Clothespins Dildos and Dick

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Surfer dude Spencer Kayne is hard and horny for emo skater Kade. As usual, Kade needs cock and that’s exactly what Spencer shoves in every hole of Kade’s tight body. From the get-go, Spencer is rock hard and Kade is ready to go!

Not much time is wasted before these two are sucking each other’s dicks and Kade, being the hole he is, wastes no time getting Spencer’s cock balls deep in his throat. Spencer’s hairy ass writhes back and forth, up and down fucking the emo’s face while his sweaty lowhanging balls slap and roll around on Kade’s head sticking to his face. As things get rough, Spencer grabs a pack of clothespins and shows Kade just exactly who is in charge.

Kade gets covered in clothespins as Spencer clamps down on Kade’s nipples, chest, legs, arms, cock and balls just to name a few body parts. Kade loves the sensation and moans in ecstasy as each pin pinches his pearly white skin. Once he’s covered in pins, Spencer shoves a dildo up Kade’s ass before fucking the shit out of him! Listen between the grunts and groans of happiness and you’ll be able to hear the clicking and clacking of wooden clothespins as Kade bounces up and down and Spencer gives him a good ass stretching!