Nerdy Gaping Blonde

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Cory McAdams is a cute, slightly nerdy hottie with a gaping asshole that's ready for whatever Cory can stuff inside. The tatted hipster starts out showing off his ass before he peels off his come-fuck-me undies and ditches them next to himself on the bed. He starts small with a butt plug as he begins jacking his growing shaved cock. Cory keeps moving up sizes, slowly stretching his hole with each toy getting bigger as he goes. He moves onto anal beads before graduating to a giant purple dildo and finally finishes off with the biggest one he has. Cory hits all the right spots and as he proclaims he's getting close, he switches his words to "I'm coming now" as he lies back and spills his thick white load all over his stomach. As a final act of self love, Cory runs his fingers through his own cum and licks them clean to get a taste of his own DNA.